Accessory Type:
For Use With/Related Products:
Insertion Loss (dB):
Nominal Input Voltage:
Coil Voltage (DC):
Illumination Type:
Inductance Tolerance:
Character Height:
Max Voltage Rating (AC):
Life (Hours):
Voltage Rating (AC):
Coil Resistance:
Manufacturer Lifecycle Status:
Temperature Rise Current:
Max Collector Current:
Lead Diameter:
Max Forward Surge Current (Ifsm):
Min Input Voltage (DC):
Switch Function:
Inside Diameter:
Contact Current Rating:
Number of Rows:
Natural Thermal Resistance:
Max Voltage Rating (DC):
Lifecycle Status:
Connector Type:
Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR):
Max Input Voltage (DC):
Character Width:
Color Rendering Index (CRI):
Test Temperature:
Reverse Recovery Time:
ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):
DC Resistance (DCR):
Number of Bits:
Ripple Current:
Lens Transparency: