Load Current:
On-State Resistance (Max):
Voltage - Input:
Voltage - Load:
Nominal Input Voltage:
Inductance Tolerance:
Gate to Source Voltage (Vgs):
Switching Frequency:
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss):
Number of Drivers:
Max Voltage Rating (AC):
Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage:
Recovery Time:
Coil Resistance:
Manufacturer Lifecycle Status:
Memory Type:
Lead Pitch:
Max Forward Surge Current (Ifsm):
Min Input Voltage (DC):
Switch Function:
Insulation Resistance:
Leakage Current:
Number of Elements:
Lifecycle Status:
Pulse Width Distortion (PWD):
Connector Type:
Max Input Voltage (AC):
Max Input Voltage (DC):
Number of Contacts:
Luminous Flux:
Reverse Recovery Time:
Nominal Supply Current:
Clamping Voltage:
Low Level Output Current:
Number of Outputs:
Number of Channels:
Voltage - Output 2:
Max Junction Temperature (Tj):
Threshold Voltage:
Sensing Distance:
Number of Circuits:
Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current: