Package / Case:
Supplier Device Package:
Oscillator Type:
Insertion Loss (dB):
Supply Type:
Gate to Source Voltage (Vgs):
Number of Bits per Element:
Number of Programmable I/O:
Number of Drivers:
Dual Supply Voltage:
Cable Length:
Outside Diameter:
Max Voltage Rating (AC):
Cathode Current:
Voltage Rating (AC):
Number of Resistors:
Max Forward Surge Current (Ifsm):
Min Input Voltage (DC):
Insulation Resistance:
Input Offset Voltage (Vos):
Leakage Current:
Max Duty Cycle:
Inside Diameter:
Core Architecture:
Contact Current Rating:
Number of Rows:
Max Voltage Rating (DC):
Number of Timers/Counters:
Voltage Tolerance:
Pulse Width Distortion (PWD):
Number of Transceivers:
Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR):
Max Input Voltage (AC):
Reverse Recovery Time: